The year is 2020 –– we are now 'In The Time Of Corona'.

Make It Happen is a platform founded in 2017 by and for local Malaysian artists and creatives to create, help, educate and share within the community. We work with artists and creatives by providing a platform for their creations to reach the masses while also working to help the community from within.

From exhibitions and shows to talks and sessions –– we want fellow creatives, peers and the masses to contribute on the importance of the creating process and how to make it happen in the creative industry.


#KitaJagaKita is a "one-stop shop" for Malaysian civil society COVID19 efforts.
They match people who want to help (the rakyat, corporate sponsors) with people who need help (affected individuals, groups, medical community) via various civil society initiatives.

Our Make It Happen contributors have agreed to give a portion of their sales to be donated to #KitaJagaKita.



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