Our intention is to connect the creatives with the community –– to inspire new up-and-coming talents and share our journey so we can all grow better, together. We also want for the masses to understand the process and value every creative work.



Ap Art Gallery,2018



Equipped with B.A. in Advertising, an M.A. in Art History and the Art Market, from Christie’s Education, Melor is a New York-based art consultant and educator. Bringing with her over a decade of art management and educational project lead experience, Melor is passionate in facilitating artists breakthroughs in their professional and personal life. She specializes in teaching children, and the senior community. Her art management experience includes fine art advisory, managing director of two mid-sized New York galleries, buying and selling art in the in the primary and secondary art market. She also had worked as an art educator at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Children’s Museum of Art, New York

Passionate about supporting the upcoming Malaysian artist, the purpose of this session is to add value to artists career by sharing her insights and coaching. In this casual session Melor, will focus on art pricing, marketing, overcoming artistic blocks and any other topics that may arise. If time permits, she is open to giving one on one feedback to any artists that need specific advice.



Urbanscapes 2018

We had the opportunity to host a series of sharing session involving 12 speakers discussing the issues from finding our own voice to how to run a creative business. 

Here are the speakers and the topics shared:

1. Creative Identity

2. Inspiration vs Imitation

3. Creative Business

4. Showcasing your Work



Yunroo is an illustrator from Batu Pahat, Johor currently living in Kuala Lumpur. Before graduating with a degree in illustration from Middlesex University London, Yunroo studied Visual Communication, which helped to hone her skills as a designer. Her style is sometimes childlike and naive, but always injected them with a sense of humour. Trained as a designer, she believes that it is important to convey a message through a piece of work.
In 2017, her children’s book, “Grandma and the Things that Stay the Same” had been shortlisted by both Singapore Book Awards 2017 and Asian Festival of Children’s Content(AFCC) 2017 for Best Children’s Book Award.



Muid Latif is a cross-disciplinary graphic artist and a certified creative practitioner. He began his career as a multimedia designer and programmer, working in web agencies since 2001 after graduating in Fine Arts, University Technology MARA (UiTM). 
As Multimedia Specialist for the pre-production team of the 39th International Emmy Award-nominated ‘Saladin, The 3D Animated Series’ and a renowned trendsetter to both digital art and graphic design in promoting the influence of Batik to Songket motif through his works. With over 30 international and local group exhibition participated including Malaysia, Singapore Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Germany, and United Kingdom, he became the first Malaysian digital artist to perform live digital art with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, as a Member of Creative Commons Malaysia, he specializes in advocating Creative Commons licenses and intellectual property awareness besides his role as an influencer to Adobe and Behance as an ambassador. Whilst having a 9-6 job as a banker, Muid continues to provide creative inclusion in elevating the creative standard among Malaysians, especially in the design community.



Finding Your Audience

Amani Azlin, a 24 year old creative working with photography as a medium. Visual narrative/style inspired by her background in graphic design and hours of 'people watching'. Currently working in the fashion industry, working with clients such as SHALS, THAVIA and NELISSA HILMAN.



One Step Forward

IIn 2011, then-chemical engineer Nelissa Hilman decided to pursue shoemaking in Florence, Italy. The opportunity opened her world to the immense world of art and fashion. Combining her passion for science and arts, she established her namesake footwear label in 2012. Nelissa Hilman design shoes to celebrate women. Dedicated to creating a perfect pair, emphasis is given on updated-classic designs, comfort, sustainable materials and craftsmanship. Each pair is handcrafted to revitalised the shoemaking industry in Malaysia. Nelissa Hilman has actively collaborated with local and international creatives, design studios, artists and designers.



"Launching a Creative Business : Tips, Tricks and Traps”.

Miriam Omar is a multi-disciplinary artist, Marketer and Founder of Project MIRRO & MIRRO Design Studio. Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Miriam attended Raffles Design Kuala Lumpur & Singapore, London College of Fashion and Chelsea College of Arts London. She has a BSc in Fashion Marketing & Management and a Foundation in Textile Design. Juggling between Marketing/Business Development and freelance design & illustrations, her past work experience & projects include a mixture of business and design. She has worked with a variety of brands, in events, fashion and interiors, like ZALORA, Urbanscapes, The Bee, Dipped Row, Janine and many more. Currently she is heading Project MIRRO, a charity home decor brand, and MIRRO Design Studio, a design studio focused on web design, mural art, textiles and installations.



Nazura founded Manggis in year 2003 together with Fauzee, followed by Celebrate TV in year 2011. She graduated from Multimedia University in year 2000 with a Bachelor Degree in Multimedia and a Diploma in Producing from New York Film Academy in 2012. 

She has presented her thesis on digital poetry entitled 'Perjalanan Jiwa' (Journey of Soul) at E-poetry 2001 Festival at State University of New York, Buffalo and the work later was chosen to be presented in Pompidou Centre, Paris. Due to her achievement in the industry, she was awarded as Cleo's Young Achiever in year 2007. 
She has been commissioned to produce, direct and edit many wedding cinematography assignments from all over the world. Manggis was awareded- 2018 Best Brand Laurreate for Creative Production. Under Celebrate TV, she has produced many local show on Astro namely Raikan Cinta, Experiance travelogue, Love Vivy, Menjejak Hamka, telemovies like -Personal shopper, Roni World Cup and coming up Elevator Love. Celebrate TV also have produced international contents for History Channel, Life Inspired channel & Lifetime Channel. 
Nazura was well exposed to various discipline of art & entrepreneurship since she was 6 when she starts selling postcard and local artwork at her parents small art gallery in Central Market. This exposure has groom her to have a special ability in mixing art, multimedia and entrepreneurship. She now run 4 companies under Manggis group which include Manis Manggis- a retreat villa in Bali and A.P Art Gallery.



Fairuz’s interdisciplinary practice covers digital and analogue visual formats that have been used as music videos, animation for short films, moving visuals for stage and immersive visual installations. His methods include puppetry, 2D/3D animation and live video mixing. He presented ​Laksamana Doremix​ (National Visual Arts Gallery, 2013), a hybrid ​wayang kulit​ and multimedia...See More



"Fant 'o' Matic : Automated fantasy and other dream machines"

Suzy is an artist, curator, educator and producer who in the fields of architecture, art and technology.
She is the co-founder and producer of Digital Art + Culture Festival (DA+C). Centered on promoting Malaysian culture through media and technology-based artworks. In 2014, she co-curated Project Glocal; with independent Filipino curator, Dayang Yroala and Rikey Cheng (No Man’s Land, Digital Art Foundation, Taipei). She co-curated the Kuala Lumpur section of MEDIA/ART KITCHEN with Adeline Ooi. MEDIA/ART KITCHEN was a traveling exhibition in South East Asia and Japan and was organized by Japan Foundation, Tokyo. She received the Asia Center Fellowship from Japan Foundation in 2015 for her research on fabrication labs and independent spaces in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. She curated “Merata Suara” exhibition about a project where Malaysian artists collaborated with various local marginalized communities to produce an artwork. Last August 2018, Suzy and her daughter Teja, recently complete an artist-in-residency at Balles Artes Project, Bataan, The Philippines.



Inspiration vs Imitation

Nawwar Shukriah Ali is also known as Bono Stellar is a multi disciplinary creative with a Bsc in Architecture and Masters in Product Design. She founded Stellar Studio and Stellar Design in 2010, started with being an entrepreneur then a full time designer/artist in 2011. She also taught architecture in a private university from 2010 to 2011. 
She recently created Make it Happen in 2016, a platform to help creatives in Malaysia on how to make it happen as a creative, also to educate the creative process and the creative business. 
She designed few interior retails, visual merchandising, art directed music videos and advertisements, painted murals around Klang Valley, created branding for local bands and brands, created some art installations and set designs and collaborated with few local and international artists.
She's always experimenting with new mediums and techniques in most of her work, known mostly for her plexiglass works. She's always passionate in arts, design, and music.




Human. Educated and trained in the realm of architecture. Habitually (and heavily) resorts to the pain(t)ed world in perspective grid, where the left and the right halves meet.




Bachelor Sc. Architecture UiTM
Winner of Young Art Award at Young Art taipei 2016 and a recipient of Khazanah Nasional and ACME Studio Art Residency 2017.
Ajim Juxta is a pseudonym and a stage name for me as a frontman for my band. I came from a family that has a strong art and music background and was enrolled into Architecture school only to find that it is lacking as a channel for me to be artistic so I have delved onto various form of arts before focusing on fine arts and exhibiting widely since 2011. As for my practice as a visual artist; music, science fiction and Architecture remain as interests in developing my ideas and the way they grow organically and they are at times a respond to my surroundings. From drawing, painting and making installations I have find ways to express the ideas of the future in a dystopic manner hence it became the visual language and tone that define my work.



The Design of Art

“Sherwan Rozan (b. 1989) is a self-taught Graphic Artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. After graduating with a Marketing Communication Degree (Hons), he set out into the world dabbling in various industries such as e-commerce merchandising and fashion retailing. Along the way he has picked up a number of skills that has helped him with his journey to starting his ...See More



Cyberjaya 2018

Cyberjaya Music Festival celebrates the local music acts and in regards of the theme, we curated a series on creative process between an artist with the musical act.



Medini Mall, Johor 2017

A festival to celebrate the creatives, IP Kreatif hosted the event in Medini Mall Johor which featured music acts, art exhibitions, bazaars and workshops.

Make it Happen exhibited 10 creatives with their creative process in the white box, with an art installation called "Who Are You" that questions human capability and if we've reached our highest purpose.

Artists Collaborated :

Amani Azlin (Photographer)

Yunroo Tan (Illustrator)

Helmelia Hisham (Graphic designer)

Sophia Kamal (Fine Artist)

Tomi Heri (Fine Artist)

Sarah Ameera (Multi disciplinary artist)

Abdul Rashade (Grafitti artist)

Haris Rashid (Fine artist)

Rabbani Sujak (Art Director)

Muid Latif (Multi disciplinary creative)

Nawwar Shukriah Ali (Multi disciplinary creative))



Urbanscapes 2017

Curated by Sharmin Parameswaran, Collective Individuals was an exhibition involving few independent groups including Make It Happen who just started at the time. For the Urbanscapes edition, we showcased creative processes by 4 different creatives : Nadirah Zakariya (Photographer), Shiela Shamsuri (Artist/architect), Sherwan Rozan (Digital Artist) and Nawwar Shukriah Ali (Multidisciplinary artist/designer). The idea was to share how these different creatives work from one idea to the final outcome, the thought process, and the concept of each project.


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