Strings Artist - Condimentstrings

The inspiration to use strings to make art, started when I was searching for my wedding decoration ideas back in 2016. Ever since I have developed my skills in knotting strings that it has become part of my lifestyle. I use strings to make something that we can use at home, such as macrame to hang our plants, and to give a modern twist to our broken folding chair. I have developed my passion for this art so much, that I decided to quit my 9-5 job and turn it into a full-time revenue. It is not just I got paid to do the things I love, but the idea of creating a friendship with people from various creative backgrounds and the community is the most valuable thing that I have built.

Since early 2017, Condimentstrings has been selling handmade macramé in the art market, events and online platform with most international customers from all over the world. As interest in macramé kept on growing, I ventured into hosting workshops, providing macrame supplies and event styling to spread the love for these therapeutic and beautiful crafts. In 2019, Condimentstrings made its name by showcasing strings work in a larger scale for several festivals.

Email | hi.condimentstudio@gmail.com

Mobile Number | +60172292536


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