"I am May" more commonly seen as her nick, is an Art Teacher by day, an and definitely an artist throughout. What she truly loves is doodling and has shown her talent in doodles through many exhibitions and commissioned public spaces. One could say that her love and talent stems from a background of artists in her family where both her parents were creatives in advertising.

The style in her artworks reflect the perfect chaos by combining bright colours, bold & thin strokes with random
artistic patterns. Her signature element "TV Head" is often the focal point in most of her work, representing things that surrounds her life as a kid - Media, film, music, TV and so forth. As her talent evolves, she takes her inspirations from great talents such as Neil Gaiman, Jeff Soto, Jim Morrisson, Kitsune, Anna Sui
and Christopher & Jack Nolan, just to name a few.

In recent years, she decided to randomly draw cats, since then that has been the main focus of her art. These cats characters are some times a hybrid of other animals, sometimes desserts or
coffee cats and some times even rocker cats. This then led to her 1st solo show in May 2017 called CATSCATSCATS.

From then onwards she then expanded to
drawing cat like human characters, human wearing cat masks to hybrid animal mask human characters which later evolved into drawing desserts, turning them into hybrid of ordinary objects and steampunk characters. Eventually she also developed drawing human comic style kind of characters which still remains in any human character based artworks.


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