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Hello Fwens - John Hafiz

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

This video shows the uncertainty of all the questions circling our heads right now; the internal dialogue/monologue in one's mind –– whether we're completely alone or with company in this isolation. Amidst the mental warfare, the calm voice that echoes in the back of your head reminds you that it will be okay. That voice is there within each of your souls, comforting you. To 'teman' you.

John Hafiz is a film editor, writer and director based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His first break was in 2014 when a short film he edited, Rozita Binti Roslan, won the Grand Prize at BMW Shorties. The film was screened at international film festivals including Cambodia International Film Festival and Short Shorts Film Festival in Tokyo. John also edited Terbit 23, produced by the same team and was nominated for Best Short Film at the Malaysian Film Festival. Since then, he worked on a number of feature films including Kami Histeria (2014), directed by Shamyl Othman, Eropah Here I Am (2016) and Kontena Ana (2017), directed by Bernard Chauly, Motif (2019) by Nadiah Hamzah and Eye on the Ball (2020) by Yihwen Chen.

Moving forward, John Hafiz wants to create his own stories. His first short film Satu was shortlisted in 2019 BMW Shorties.  He wrote and directed the film.

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