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How the Restriction of Movement Order & social distance will improve our consciousness - Muid Latif

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

As a designer, being alone in a confined space without having to go out at all is somewhat ‘normal’ especially if you’re a freelancer. Be it an illustrator, graphic designer, it’s rather routine, and some of us love our Maggie instant noodle to feed our tummy or Grabfood.

Yet until we ran out of resources; such as out of Artline ink pen, we would be rather erratic with the situation. Luckily some art stores are kind enough to offer delivery service and it does provide a good solution.

Earlier in my post, I talked about self-care and believe me, after three weeks of viral fever followed by an asthma attack, I became an enemy to cold air-conditioning. The point is very simple, as productive we are expected to standardize ourselves, sometimes we just can’t push the limit until it affects our performance, mentally and psychically.

So I decided to create a working planner where I can plot in and plan the things I can achieve on a daily basis. This definitely helps to keep my focus, my goals, and my deliverables while working from home and at the same time, the privilege to do personal activities like yoga, freeletics, and sorting out my financial supporting documents for my income tax.

So what other types of tasks you can do?

Organize your folders according to month and by work category. This will make easier for you to track your files.

Read more. Books like Digital Design Theory: Readings From The Field, The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky, and many others.

Exercise. Do yoga, dance, small workout routine. Just about anything to keep your heartbeat strong and active.

I hope you find your way to an exciting journey during these very tough times.

To all, be safe, sanitize yourselves regularly, stay hydrated and remember about social distancing and above all, stay at home!


This post was Muid Latif’s last blog originally posted here

Muid Latif passed away on Saturday morning, 11th April 2020 at the age of 41 years old. He has contributed to the creative industry for about 20 years but have been making dreams happen since 24th February 1979.

Muid Latif, born 1979 As a trans-mediator in creating connectivity between a pencil and a Stylus pen in an artwork, Muid Latif is a cross-disciplinary digital artist, bridging the influence of fine arts and graphic design into his storytelling, often tabulate emotions and narrated complexity of local culture and identity. Graduated from Fine Arts, UiTM Shah Alam had brought his work locally and internationally recognized through group exhibitions from Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Australia to Germany including being the first digital artist in Malaysia to perform live with the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra in 2010.

instagram/fb/twitter: @muidlatif

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