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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Hi Everyone,

It's Nawwar here, what a weird time we're all going through right now. A lot has been going through my head since the quarantine but at the same time trying to find some peace in all this, worrying about the people out there, what if they don't have enough support or food? what if the frontliners get sick? How long will this go on for? What if people can't control their mental state? What if there's violence out there and we can't do anything at all to help.A lot I have been pondering myself on, it's like a war zone in my head, endless conversations and limitless tabs opened at the same time.I really think it's important to be grateful for everything that I have now and acknowledge still that these feelings are valid, trying to eliminate what I don't need after this is all over, it's like a pause button trying to get me to look around myself and appreciate the simplest things in life, i celebrated the moon, took a deep breath in the hot morning sun, learnt to cook and re organize my head again before I reset life again.

I was still chirpy and ok the first week of quarantine and started working on few artworks. And when I suggested about this cause on my instagram, a few artists replied me and at first I thought i can just give this idea to someone else to run it. But then I thought of this platform and we've been quiet the whole last year. Why not? So i just got on WIX and started this website with the help from my friend Syaza, we have no sponsors or anything, halfway through creating this thing I questioned myself "What have I gotten myself into????" Like...Why do I have to do this now???, when I thought I could just rest and be lazy the whole week. Really. haha. But it's ok as I think we can do this in a long run and I owe Make It Happen a website too. The least I can do right now for the community and we do need to support each other especially in times like this. Thank YOU for being a part of this!

Phew, and it's here guyss! It's already LIVE and we're expecting more content and items from others.I thank you all who took part in this cause, this platform was built to help each other and share as much as we can. Thanks for the support.


Nawwar Shukriah Ali

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