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Ranerrim is a self-taught young emerging Malaysian artist and illustrator. Fascinated by DIY culture, she started out as an artist by distributing non-profit and one-of-a-kind copy zines titled “Non-Cents” to her art followers community. In 2018, she has founded her own clothing brand and illustrated for several independent brands. Her works explore social issues such as mental health struggles and awareness, class politics and feminism while revolving around philosophical themes such as nihilism, the search of the meaning of life and absurdist. Passionate about integrating social issues and humanitarianism into her art, she has worked with NGOs in the past such as RumahKita and SUKA Society. Engaging with such themes, her works are often dark-humoured multi-layered stories which are juxtaposed with a colourful art style. Her artworks are intended to probe the viewers to create their own interpretation and thoughts.

Having graduated with an LLB from Cardiff University and an LLM from University of Bristol, the artist is currently undertaking her Certificate of Legal Practice, pursuing a subject she is passionate about which has heavily shaped her world view and art. She has been selected to participate in Women Behind the Art (2019) organised by Common Ground and The Art Seni. She also has several upcoming group exhibitions, Art In Mind (2020) organised by Minda Kami and Recovery Unspoken (2020) organised by Dreamers Rehab Co. 

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