Shafiq Nordin have been most uncompromising and hard hitting in his works. Instead of producing paintings about the victims and casualties of geo political games like many unimaginative and lesser painters, Shafiq goes straight for the jugular, launching his scathing attacks on the victimizers. An assortment of chimeras, usually skinless muscle-bounded beasts that represents certain nefarious forces, especially those behind the many manufactured conflicts and naked transgressions around the globe carried out to serve their capitalistic agendas, are depicted in various unflattering situations, further augmenting the freakishness of their monstrous nature that are driven by imperialist ambitions, insatiable greed and all that is inhumanely base. To Shafiq, the utter absurdity of it all are the effects of pure lunacy and the polka dot patterns on parts of his many cretinous beasts as comical effects, underscores the ludicrousness of the whole farcical situation. Shafiq’s works are noted for the strong imagery expressing his indignation and for his stylistic approach, where thick coarse outlines of his subject matters, usually placed in front of repeated patterns and forms which supports the wicked notions of the situation depicted, are painted to slightly resemble woodcut prints, the common medium used in proletarian political art. By doing so, it somehow provides Shafiq’s well composed satire some sort of link to the political art of the past, especially the prints of German Expressionists.


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