(b. 1989, Selangor)

Another human being. Shiela finds interest at the intersection between arts, architecture and research. She studied architecture locally prior to obtaining her masters from University of Westminster, London. Upon graduating, Shiela worked as an architect before practicing as an architectural researcher in R+, a research unit under GDP Architects. As a self taught artist, art to her is a way of communicating ideas, thoughts and questions that can be found between gridded logic and unbounded intuition, ultimately to understand more and more what it means to be human.

Memory Vinyl started 5 years ago as a personal recollection of memories through songs, or rather playlist shared by friends during student days. Each as an expression of song, the series explores the process of fusing watercolour, line drawings and digital layerings into one language.

It took a long pause back in 2018 and have been revisited during this time of isolation we are all experiencing. New additions of artworks are based on songs that explore themes such as longing, mortality, forgiveness, and our understanding of self.


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